Laser Printer and Copier Service Agreements

Service Agreements

We offer service agreements on both copiers and laser printers. We will maintain your equipment to OEM standards for one cost all year round. Plus, we will give you a ten percent discount on all copier and laser printer supplies, for as long as your equipment is under agreement with us. We will give you this discount regardless of the type of agreement you select,  a Full Service Agreement, or a Preventive Maintenance Agreement.

Full Service Copier Maintenance Agreements

With our Full Service Copier or Laser Printer Maintenance Agreements, you get two cleanings per machine, per year covered. With our copier agreements, the cost is typically per page, supplies being extra. All parts and labor necessary to repair and maintain are included. Your copier is serviced twice per year for preventive maintenance. All supplies are ten percent off of our regular prices, for all copiers under agreement.

Full Service Laser Printer Maintenance Agreements

With our Full Service Maintenance Agreements, you get all parts and labor necessary to repair and maintain, plus two preventive maintenance visits, for the year covered. PLUS we give you a ten percent discount on all supplies ordered for ANY of your printers or copiers, whether they are all on a service agreement or not.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

With our Preventive Maintenance Agreements we give you two cleanings per year for each machine covered, for a period of one year. We will plan to do them six months apart but we will allow you to call for one any time you wish, should you have a print quality problem or any other reason, but should you need a repair rather that a cleaning, you have the choice of using one of your cleanings to avoid up to one hour of labor charges, and only have to pay parts for the repair, for that service call. Should that repair take more than one hour of labor, you will be billed at the then current rate for labor, minus 25 percent of the labor charge, for that part of labor that exceeds the first hour. One added benefit the Laser Printer Service Agreements have that the Copier Service Agreements do not have, is the Full Replacement option.

With Full Replacement option, if your laser printer is deemed un-repairable, or uneconomical to repair,we will replace it with a like model of equal page count. This option is not available on our Full Service Copier Maintenance Agreements.

All machines considered for Full Service must be in good working order and up to OEM SPECS or they will not be covered without first bringing them up to OEM SPECS. If you decide a service agreement suits your company’s needs, give us a call. or email us a list of equipment you would like to cover to We will review your list and send you back a quote within a few days, or you can call us at 480-775-6128.